– Aries:
  – Feelings intensified due to star alignment.
  – Love and hate felt deeply.
  – Opportunities to understand barriers in friendships.
  – Wait before acting on feelings.
– Taurus:
  – Changes in times and events.
  – Need for responsible reactions.
  – Disruption of planned schedule.
– Gemini:
  – Heightened concentration and perception.
  – Sensitivity to others’ situations.
  – Chance to mend past estrangements.
– Cancer:
  – Feeling pulled in different directions.
  – Difficulty in decision-making.
  – Caution against emotional interference.
– Leo:
  – Time to invest in beliefs.
  – Execution of ideas needed.
  – Busy period with expected rewards.

– Virgo:
  – Ego may clash with authority figures.
  – Listen to head, be tactful and diplomatic.
– Libra:
  – Discomfort due to past memories.
  – Share concerns with friend or relative for a better day.
  – Challenges strengthen you in life.
– Scorpio:
  – Taking steps to fulfill obligations or repay favors.
  – Relief in addressing debts, rewarding feeling.
– Sagittarius:
  – Communication with influential person.
  – Encounter opposing views, handle constructively.
– Capricorn:
  – Share philosophies and ideas with others.
  – Potential for friendship or partnership.
  – Opportunity to learn from others’ perspectives.

– Aquarius:
  – Outgoing and exuberant mood.
  – Numerous opportunities arising.
  – Ready to take advantage of them.
  – Trust instincts for success in finances and relationships.
  – Enjoyment of eventful day anticipated.
– Pisces:
  – Fanciful mood, drawn to role playing and fantasies.
  – Romantic outlook, active fantasy life.
  – Temptation to pursue impossible dreams in career or relationships.
  – Caution against making major decisions impulsively.

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