Bhagvad Gita is considered to be the crux of all 6 Darshan Shastra and majorly from the Uttara Mimansa (Vedanta). This has all great statement and one of them is Tat Tvam Asi “That Thou art’. Here the student is asking the teacher as what is the relation with the almighty who is all pervading, Omnipotent, Omniscient.

The first 6 chapters describe ‘WHO YOU ARE’ these chapters culminates into Dhyana Yoga. The first 6 chapters will guide you to know yourself well and help you to go deep in Meditation.

The next 6 chapters (chapter 7 to 12) describes ‘WHO IS THAT; the almighty the ultimate self I am seeking this culminates into ‘Bhakti Yoga‘ So this part of Gita will help you to know ‘who is that’ with whom you want to identify yourself.

The last 6 chapters (Chapter 13 to 18) describes ‘I AM THAT’ the synthesis of connecting I as Individual and I as supreme. that culminates into Moksha Yoga . These last 6 chapters will remove the parallex between I and HIM and finally gives us the state of Sat-Chit-Ananda.

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